The USP Company’s USP: talent

The USP Company adds something unique to your innovation process: business creatives. Innovation specialists with vast experience in almost every sector.

The world around us changes at a terrific pace. Continuous innovation is a must to remain valuable to your customer and society. Managers and marketeers are looking for external creative support. We offer companies innovation power to become more future proof and drive growth.

We will look for relevant consumer and business insights and won’t rest before some great solutions rise to the surface. We define brand strategies, innovation strategies and develop new products, services, experiences and brands that create sustainable and profitable growth for our clients. We believe that new products or services have to fulfil your brand promise. That’s what we call Brand Driven Design Thinking. Experiences with your propositions are really experiences with your brand.

With proven innovation processes and successful cases for Eneco, NS, SNS Bank, FNV, Stegeman, Smilde Foods, Hak, Oxxio, Squla, Bol,com, Zilveren Kruis and many other brands it is safe to say that we know how to make a difference.

Our team


Office/Project Manager

Search words: Mandy, human centipede, curious, getting-things-done.

Mandy keeps projects within time and budget and ensures that the agency runs flawlessly.

van Wensen

Business Creative

Search words: Hubert, pragmatic, entrepreneurial, empathic.

Hubert created among others SNS Webwise, Eneco Warmtewinner, a loyalty programme for Zamro and new propositions for Klaverblad Insurances.


Business Creative / Partner

Search words: Hans, Strategist, inventive, clear, connecting.

Hans created among others NS Flex and the FNV and Squla brand positioning, developed HollandseWind for Eneco and is the silent force behind the successful introduction of Toon.

Willem van

Business Creative / Partner

Search words: Willem, creative, sharp, inventive, out-of-the-box.

Willem created among others the Zilveren Kruis Basic Plus Module, the SNS Mortgage Term Service and thought about the future of Supplementary Insurance policies for Zilveren Kruis.



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For the coming months.

We are looking for a zero gravity thinker who likes to think along about products, services or brands. Do you feel you are creative and an entrepreneur? Do you have great concepts in your Mac? Show us!

The product should be different from the competitors, not just the advertising

Rosser Reeves, spiritual father of the USP