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Brand strategy

We will lift your new brand strategy
to a new visual brand identity

Decide for yourself how you want employees and customers to perceive your brand. How do you want your company to come across? How do people experience your organisation when they walk around? Or browse around. It has everything to do with your brand’s identity.

A visual brand identity is a reflection of your brand personality. We will look at the brand name, the logo, the house style, the imagery and the tone of voice of your brand. A clear-cut identity is a crucial component of a consistently implemented brand strategy. We record everything in a Brand manual that can be accessed and used by everyone working for your brand. This set of rules, preferences and guidelines is a powerful instrument for everyone who understands that conscientiously observing the guidelines in this manual, protects your identity and reinforces your brand’s authority. It shows the principles along which the brand manifests itself without laying everything down in great detail. These dynamics make that the brand can grow along with the organisation’s (strategic) moves. To achieve this The USP Company works closely together with a brand identity designer. As an example, take a look at our BCC case.

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