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Brand strategy

USP Brand Canvas helps to position your brand

Team up with our brand strategists and let them help you position your brand. Together we will search for a purpose that works throughout your organisation so that your customers can really feel it too. People are increasingly attracted to organisations with a clear purpose. We call the purpose (or the why) in our brand document, the brand motivation. A good purpose comes from within and isn’t just a label.

These items from our brand document will be developed together with you or your team:

  • Brand past (Story)
  • Brand vision (Outlook)
  • Brand motivation (Why)
  • Brand mission (How)
  • Brand promise (Promise)
  • Brand means (What)
  • Brand USPs (Discriminators)
  • Brand personality (Values)

You have to be able to translate the new brand strategy into brand behaviour, new propositions, optimum customer experience and appealing communication. The USP Company uses the USP Brand Canvas to get to the core fast. Our process to get to a clear brand strategy is compact and passes through different phases.

Brands that are loved usually start the process by loving their customers in advance.
The easiest way to build a brand is to sell fear.
The best way, though, may be to deliver on hope while aiming for love.”

Seth Godin

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