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Brand strategy

Internal branding:
we help you get from brand strategy
to brand manifesto

Do you want to inspire and enthuse people about your plans? Write a manifesto! A short and powerful story that conveys what your brand stands for and what you believe in. A kind of Sinek on an A4. We know manifestos from politics. Think of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’– just to name the mother of all manifestos. But in business there’s a growing demand for manifestos as well. And that is a good thing, because it’s a good way to get employees – and why not customers? – emotionally involved with the brand.

The manifesto ensures that the brand strategy, which sometimes has a tendency to be buried at the bottom of a drawer, is brought to life. Because it uses simple language to explain what you mean and particularly because you it allows you to involve people in the story.

We write a story that inspires and enthuses. So that your employees will do what you would like them to do. Not because they have to, but….because they want to. A good manifesto creates a sense of belonging. A sense of common direction: Forward; Maybe up a little. It gives the employees something to hold on to. Brand and people. If those two match you have a powerful manifesto.

A good manifesto answers the following points:

  • It shows your vision.
  • It conveys your brand motivation. Your ‘belief’.
  • It is real. It’s in the pores.
  • It describes your values.
  • It is convincing. Because you are convinced yourself.
  • It builds on your own unique strengths.
  • It is clear. Everyone understands it because there are no difficult words and it gives concrete examples.
  • It is a gripping and rhythmic story.
  • It has a sense of urgency and calls for action.

Department manifesto

A brand manifesto does not necessarily mean one manifesto. We regularly write separate manifestos for different departments within one organisation. Working from one and the same brand strategy, but with different accents. What does “humane” mean for a mortgage? And what does it mean for customer services? Such a departmental manifesto works in the same way as one for the whole organisation. They inspire and fill you with energy. Together they add up and ensure that the common brand promise is fulfilled.

Writing a good manifesto takes a lot of effort. But it is worth it. ‘We believe there is a correlation between inspiration and perspiration’, says Nike. And we believe that too.

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