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Brand strategy

We can help you develop your portfolio strategy

with the Brand Stratego workshop

Your portfolio strategy is inextricably linked to the brand strategy. Which products and/or services help fulfil the brand promise? Which don’t? What are you still missing in your portfolio? What’s the role of several brands in your portfolio?

To answer all these questions we have developed the Brand Stratego workshop. We check your current products or services against your strategy. And as a result we come up with a long list of potential areas for innovation.

We use the game Stratego as a metaphor for developing the portfolio policy. Each piece of this board game has its own role to play. Together they have to control the playing field. The objective is to win ground from your opponent and protect your flag. Which products or services need investments in the short term but are of strategic importance? What is your flag? Do we have bombs to keep our competitors at a distance? Scouts on the lookout for new growth markets.

Not the strength of each individual product, but the way in which they go together and reinforce each other determines who wins more business in the end. Would you like to know more about this valuable workshop and how it worked out for NS, Zilveren Kruis or Eneco? Make an appointment with Hans Middelhoek.

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