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How do we optimise the online journey for our customers by making clear that a large part of our product range comes with extensive delivery options?

How did we help?

With the Proposition Propellor: on the basis of a scoping session, desk research and interviews with important stakeholders our Business Creatives used Ideation to work on various solutions that were enriched further in a session with

These routes were tested among consumers in The Netherlands and Belgium by means of our Qualitative Research Plus. The conclusions were used to further finetune our best scenarios. Furthermore, we tested the relevance and attention value of the various services.

What was the result?

Using online shopper input our Business Creatives developed Select: a label that makes it easier to spot the products with extra delivery options.

The Select label contributes to the introduction op new delivery options and ensures an improved customer journey and conversion on the site.

“By communicating even more clearly customers can make faster and better choices. By means of consumer insights the Business Creatives of The USP Company gave us a better insight into customer needs with respect to delivery options and online orientation. The Select label that was developed ensures that products with extra delivery options are easy to identify.”

Susan Stas – Senior Proposition Development Manager

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