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HollandseWind (DutchWind)

In 2011, Eneco decided to follow a sustainable strategy and to be leading in the transition to a sustainable energy supply for everyone. The brand committed itself to be sustainable, decentralised and together. The request that followed was: Give us ammunition (read: help us to develop propositions) for our new campaign: All for sustainability.

How did we help?

With a Wide Open process (Design Thinking): We started reading and analysing all the existing research on consumers and sustainability. After that, we interviewed several stakeholders from Eneco. From this input we developed 11 triggers that make sustainability relevant. These 11 triggers – also called domains or fields – were the starting point for our Ideation phase during which our Business Creatives developed many new propositions which we each gave a new name, description and outline. We presented these propositions at an external location in Rotterdam to the entire Eneco marketing team.

One of the winning propositions in this Wide Open process was ‘Hollandsewind’. We freed the Eneco Windstroom product from its “woolliness”. And not unimportant, we linked it to an emotion: that of the century-old connection between The Netherlands and the wind. Using the ‘I love Holland’ sentiment we made the wind closely felt. We developed a new name, Hollandsewind®. Entirely generated in windmill parks in The Netherlands and built by Eneco. This is how we created the flagship product for Eneco.

What was the result?

Energy is low interest. Energy isn’t sexy. That’s what everyone thought. Until 2011 when we developed HollandseWind® with Windforce Discount. The harder the wind blows the higher the discount rate. The sales results of this new premium product, Hollansewind, exceeded all expectations and were awarded an Effie six months after the introduction.

The success has never stopped. Hollandsewind is a huge success in the business market as well. NS (Dutch Railways) and the Royal Schiphol Group (4 airports) also entered into a contract with Eneco. The Winterefteling only uses HollanseWind. HollanseWind has become the proof of Eneco’s mission.

“Working with the USP Company is like a breath of fresh air to us. The agency is not only capable to think along strategically with our business (marketing & sales) but also to deliver creative propositions which can be directly implemented. The USP Company is able to show added value in many layers of the company. People really like to work with them and several propositions (read: successes) have been successfully launched. For the Toon proposition as well as the proposition for HollandseWind they quite rightly won an Effie.”

Erik van Engelen – Consumer Director

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