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FNV lacks appeal and needed help developing a new brand promise. Where are we now? Where do we stand? What do people think we are? Where can we recruit members? And where are they?

How did we help?

With Brand Strategy: We started with desk research. We interviewed several key people within the union. We analysed old research and searched for trends in the employment field (sharing and network economy). With this knowledge our Business Creatives set up a Qualitative Research Plus: in search for new insights. We had respondents set up a new union.

In addition, we organised creative workshops for FNV’s marketeers. During the Ideation phase our Business Creatives translated the obtained insights into two brand positionings for FNV. These routes were presented to customers during our Consumer Feedback Session. The winning brand positioning was successfully presented to all the different management bodies within FNV.

What was the result?

With our brand strategy in hand, FNV held a pitch for a new advertising agency.

Unfortunately, (we believe) the new campaign misses the essence of our recommended strategy.

“You have to really stand your ground and engage in debate, if you want to create support for a new brand strategy at FNV. The agency developed a new brand positioning in which they fought to reinvent solidarity and to make it contemporary. Solidarity is alive, but it isn’t getting any water or sun. We have to give solidarity the status it deserves. By showing how beautiful it is. And they succeeded.”

Christian de Boer – Manager Communications and Marketing

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