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KNLTB Funmasters

The KNLTB saw a decrease in the influx of new members and an increase in the outflow. How can we reverse this trend with new propositions?

How did we help?

With Design Thinking: we organised Insight sessions with youngsters in which we discussed various sports. What are their needs, what do they like and dislike? During the ‘Ideation’ phase our Business Creatives developed new propositions, which we proceeded to improve in co-creation with the youngsters.

The winning idea is based on the insight that youngsters like team sports and that they tend to miss that team spirit when it comes to playing a more individualistic sport like tennis. In addition, they indicated that they find the training sessions boring. As a result tennis is considered to be not so much fun.

During the Fun Masters they will play various tennis matches with friends (even if these are not a member) and cool and crazy tennis games. Not just on the court but also elsewhere. At the end of the day they will go to the club house for a bite to eat, a drink and to chill. Add a little music. A great afternoon!

What was the result?

The KNLTB Fun Masters is a success. In the first year, 70 tennis clubs enthusiastically joined and the number of participants continues to grow.

The first set is won, we are on our way to victory: more young KNLTB members

“During a clear and pragmatic process The USP Company has been able to bring out insights of a tricky group. The creative translation hits the right cord. Tennis is fun (again)!”

Erik Broeren – Manager marketing KNLTB

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