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Purchase protection

Not everyone who uses an SNS debit card, uses it on a daily basis. Sometimes another card is your primary bank card. How can we halt that behaviour? The new proposition has to contribute to the retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers.

How did we help?

With Design Thinking: we processed stacks of research on the payments market and identified all trends around payments. We conducted Consumer Insights Sessions with customers and non-customers. First we developed several visions in workshops with the SNS payments team and in the second phase we also developed new propositions. We summarised the vision in a department manifesto. On one A4.

After that our Business Creatives gave life to this vision by developing several propositions during the Ideation phase that take the manifesto from words to actions. The Purchase Protection emerged from our Qualitative Research Plus as the winner. Up until now you only received purchase protection if you were in the possession of a credit card. The SNS bank is the first bank to offer purchase protection for free to all of her customers. It doesn’t matter if you buy something in a shop in The Netherlands or from a Dutch webshop. Your purchase is insured for 30 days.

What was the result?

With the introduction of SNS purchase protection it is safe to say that SNS offers the best debit card of The Netherlands. It is their flagship product.

 You also receive interest on the money in your current account.
And you can be in the red for three days without paying interest. More and more new customers find their way to SNS Bank. And existing ones will be stimulated to use their SNS debit card more often.

“To me, The USP Company has become a valued partner when developing new propositions for SNS Bank. The business creatives work closely together with our proposition marketeers. They search for relevant insights, conduct consumer research, and look at trends and social developments. This forms the basis for the creation of new and successful propositions. They understand the business and bring ‘out of the box’ creativity to the process.”

Patrick Kuijsters – Director Marketing & Online

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