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SNS Webwise

The world is becoming ever more digital. Banking is often done online, via mobile phone or tablet. SNS notices that older people can’t always keep up. This is why they sometimes feel excluded and more dependent than ever.
How can we help them?

How did we help?

With Design Thinking: in the first phase we spoke to several employees in SNS stores, we worked alongside the people form client services and looked at trends and successful cases in terms of service. After that we organised a Value Proposition workshop with employees from the SNS stores, the call centre, webcare and the online forum. These ideas were then used by our Business Creatives. In this ‘Ideation’ phase the direction for a vision on service and the propositions was developed. The vision was summarised in a department manifesto (for the service department).

Then we used our Qualitative Research Plus to test this vision and a number of propositions among SNS customers and non-customers. This is where the proposition “SNS helps older people get webwise” came out as one of the big winners. SNS Webwise is primarily meant for SNS customers, but non-customers are also welcome! The workshops are given by SNS employees in SNS stores. Online banking is the focus but it goes beyond bank-related business. The ‘safety’ theme, for example, plays an import role (internet, email), because research shows this is something that older people are particularly concerned about.

What was the result?

Together with the Nationaal Ouderfonds and Seniorweb we organised successful workshops for older people in SNS stores in the Netherlands in 2017.

Webwise already received coverage in the local papers.

“Using a thorough approach, The USP Company developed a clear vision on service propositions that provide proof for our positioning and portray SNS as a bank that turns banking into something human and normal. With SNS Webwise we play a role in society that fits SNS well, because the subject is very relevant to people. It is a subject that really touches them. That is great to see.”

Steven van Aggelen – SNS Bank

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