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Mortgage Term Service

Develop propositions from a common vision on the role SNS can play in the mortgage market. The new SNS positioning is the starting point. We want to break with conventions and implement Very Normal banking. The propositions (mortgages, advice, service) must contribute to the retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers.

How did we help?

With Design Thinking: we conducted Consumer Insights sessions with customers and non-customers. We processed stacks of research on the mortgage market and identified all trends around home ownership. In workshops with SNS’s mortgage team we first developed different visions, and in the second phase new propositions as well. The core of the insight: with a mortgage provider you may enter into the longest relation you will ever have with a company. Sometimes as long as 30 years. At the same time there is a lot that may change in the future. Your job, marriage, children, pension. And that will have an impact on your most important asset: your home. Still, few people are contacted by their bank during the term of the mortgage. We summarised this vision in a department manifesto.

Next, our Business Creatives gave life to this vision during the Ideation phase, by developing various propositions that can take the manifest from words to actions. We conducted inhouse qualitative research to test the draft propositions among the target group. One respondent said: “They earn money from you, but they also give something back. That’s the way it should be.” On the basis of the feedback from the research we further finetuned the winner and presented it to SNS. The SNS Mortgage Term Service is the first proposition that was put on the market and is there for all SNS Mortgage customers.
Finally, there’s a mortgage provider that is there for you during the duration of the mortgage term.

What was the result?

From the start, the new proposition was very well received by the customers. Especially ‘the alert’ generated a high NPS for the bank. A substantial increase in website visits, leads and appointments.

Positive coverage from TV show Kassa. Parliamentary questions as a result of the press release. Part of the award-winning Effie case.

“To me, The USP Company has become a valued partner when developing new propositions for SNS Bank. The business creatives work closely together with our proposition marketeers. They search for relevant insights, conduct consumer research, and look at trends and social developments. This forms the basis for the creation of new and successful propositions. They understand the business and bring ‘out of the box’ creativity to the process.”

Patrick Kuijsters – Director Marketing & Online

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