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Zilveren Kruis
Basic Plus Module

Supplementary insurances are under pressure. Our customers have become more critical about what they spend their money on, partly prompted by the economic crisis.
How can our SI be made more relevant so that we can acquire new SI insured customers and retain the existing SI insured customers?

How did we help?

With the Proposition Propellor (Design Thinking): we started analysing all the existing research on (supplementary) insurance. After that we interviewed several stakeholders within Zilver Kruis. Because we wanted to explore, we organised a co-creation sessions with respondents., We appointed them as members of the Management Board of the healthcare insurer. They could deciede together what should be covered by the basic insurance and what should be covered by the supplementary insurance.

An informative evening with great output that could serve as the basis for our Ideation phase. Insight: more and more people go for basic insurance only because they believe that it is sufficient. That is why we positioned the new proposition as a necessary supplement to the basic insurance and we called it the Basic Plus Module.

What was the result?

A new proposition developed from the WHY: Zilveren Kruis does not want to see people with only a basic insurance go bust as a result of unforeseen healthcare costs. With the Basic Plus Module Zilveren Kruis offers a relevant solution, by pointing out the dangers to her customers.

This is how we prove the brand promise: Advice and Assistance.
The Basic Plus Module has already been an established product in the Zilveren Kruis portfolio for four years.

“In a short period of time, The USP Company’s Business Creatives convinced us with research and clear consumer insights that there was room in the market for the Basic plus Module. Because the basic insurance sometimes covers less than people think. With the Basic Plus Module people insure themselves for unexpected high healthcare costs. A strong proposition that successfully proves our brand promise (Advice and Assistance).”

Jan de Bruijn – Marketing Manager Zilveren Kruis

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