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Horizon 3

Disruptive innovation:
sow the seeds for future business growth

In many boardrooms the question is asked out loud:
What would we be doing differently if we were to begin start-up tomorrow? Horizon 3 is about new business models, about creating new brands, and about new ways of working and living. This is where the innovation teams act on trends and insights. Can we identify emerging markets? What will the future look like? What will the target group want?

Don’t be defensive. Take a step back from everything you know about your own branch. Sometimes experience can be a burden. Develop your own competition. On this horizon there is no place for evolution but revolution. You are looking for an answer to a question that your customer hasn’t raised yet. You go beyond status quo. Beyond the obvious.

This is how The USP Company can help on HORIZON 3:

Wide open process.

You form a core team of 4 to 6 people. This team is connected to two of our Business Creatives. For the duration of 8-12 weeks the whole team completes a tried and tested Innovation process. Your core team ( as well as other employees) will be involved in this process. Tasks will be divided between The USP Company and the team. We go through all the steps: desk research, trend explorations, consumer insight sessions, ideation workshops, proposition feedback sessions with the target group. For this we work with various tools, such as the Value Proposition Canvas or the Business Model Canvas. Our Business Creatives autonomously delve into your organisation, brand, customers and competitors. They bring lots of out-of-the-box creativity to the process and supplement the team’s output with autonomously conceived innovations. So you have the best of both worlds.

Proposition Propellor

If you have a draft proposition on Horizon 3 that has to be finetuned our Business Creatives can help. Many new propositions originate from an internal assignment or a business insight. Sometimes because a new technique paves the way for something new or because a business opportunity arises. There is a sense of urgency, but often there is no good understanding as to whether the MVP will meet the customers’ needs for 100%. And what is Minimum Viable? Everything is still possible at this stage. Together we will make the right choices. We will help you with ideation, client research and name development. We will contribute Design Thinking and will not rest until we are convinced your new proposition will fly when introduced. This is how we help the team from Nextail to develop a new online lifestyle brand.

Qualitative Research +

Are you busy working on an innovation that you want to test. Or a new brand positioning? The USP Company helps organise qualitative research, inhouse, in the target group’s home (Inhomes) or at work. The plus of this research is in the preparation, the method and the added creativity, before and after research. We go beyond what a standard research agency does. Testing innovations is never standard. It is an exciting and vulnerable process. Especially when you are testing propositions on Horizon 2 & Horizon 3. Our Business Creatives conduct the research themselves. We help make the stimuli. Ideas become tangible through visualisation, ux design and effective naming. We develop a clever interview guide. And our creatives help you to strengthen your proposition following the research (on the basis of the feedback). This is how we helped the Squla Team to finetune their brand positioning.

Creative Innolab Support

Innovation labs that are having trouble finding zero gravity thinkers, the crazy ones, in short, Business Creatives with a proven track record, can team up with The USP Company. We offer various subscriptions for innovation labs, so that they can make the best use of our Business Creatives for ideation. Because we believe in our added value for innovation labs we off a three day trial. No cure, no pay.

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