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Horizon 1

Incremental innovation:
defend and expand your existing business

We have all become virgin customers, on the lookout for new, newer, newest. New flavours, new services, new channels, new payment methods. We expect a lot from the brands around us.

So, almost every company works on a daily basis to improve the process or services of the existing business. Incremental innovation helps maintain the turnover and defend the status quo. Moreover, it’s fun and quick to implement. Brands that innovate incrementally are ‘busy brands’ looking for small, new USPs.

We notice that our clients’ Agile teams are working hard on Horizon 1. More and more these teams are assisted by us at crucial moments. Either creatively or with research.

This is how The USP Company helps on HORIZON 1:

USP Inside

The USP Company provides agile teams or innovation labs support from our Business Creatives. They work together with your teams at your location. They boost the team’s creativity and will have everyone thinking ’out of the box’ in no time by deploying tools like the Value Proposition Canvas. Furthermore, we help you to find insights and feedback from qualitative and/or online research. That’s how we helped the team to develop the Select label.

USP Inside can also help companies that are not agile to accelerate innovation.

Proposition Propellor

When you have a draft proposition on Horizon 1 that needs finetuning, our Business Creative can help you. Many new propositions originate from an internal assignment or a business insight. Sometimes because a new technique makes something new possible, or sometimes because a business opportunity occurs. There is a sense of urgency but often it is not clear whether the MVP will fit 100% with the consumer needs. And what is Minimum Viable? Anything is still possible at this stage. Sometimes we make the right choices. We help you with ideation, consumer research and name development. We bring in Design Thinking and won’t rest until we are convinced your new proposition will fly from the start. This is how we helped the Robeco Team to finetune Robeco One.

Qualitative Research +

Are you busy working on an innovation that you want to test? Or a new brand positioning? The USP Company helps organise qualitative research, inhouse, in the target group’s home (Inhomes) or at work. The plus of this research is in the preparation, the method and the added creativity, before and after research. We go beyond what a standard research agency does. Testing innovations is never standard. It is an exciting and vulnerable process. Especially when you are testing propositions on Horizon 2 & Horizon 3. Our Business Creatives conduct the research themselves. We help make the stimuli. Ideas become tangible through visualisation, ux design and effective naming. We develop a clever interview guide. And our creatives help you to strengthen your proposition following the research (on the basis of the feedback). This is how we helped the Squla Team to finetune their brand positioning.

Name development

From experience we know that a naming process can be an uphill struggle if not everyone is on the same page from the start: The creatives that come up with the name as well as the new owners. A good name can contribute enormously to a brand or product’s success. You should…no you must invest time and money in this. Our Business Creatives regularly go through a name development process for our clients. From briefing to filing and registration. Practice learns that many working names thought up by the organisation can’t be used because they have already been registered or because they are too descriptive to register as a brand. We believe that a well thought through brand name can contribute enormously to getting across your USP without the help of advertising efforts.

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