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Design thinking

Proposition Propellor:
we speed up the further development of your
MVP with Design Thinking

If you have a draft proposition that has to be finetuned our Business Creatives can help. Many new propositions originate from an internal assignment or a business insight. Sometimes because a new technique paves the way for something new or because a business opportunity arises.

There is a sense of urgency, but often there is no good understanding as to whether the MVP will meet the customers’ needs for 100%. It is also possible that a new proposition doesn’t fulfil the brand promise for 100%. We can help our clients with brand driven design thinking. Or: we will make sure that the proposition is fully in tune with the target group’s needs. And we make sure that the new proposition provides proof for the brand promise.

And what is Minimum Viable?

Everything is still possible at this stage. You should not want it all. Together we will make the right choices. We will help you with ideation, client research and name development. We will contribute Business Creatives to the development process and will not rest until we are convinced your new proposition will fly when introduced. Invite us as an outside force and let us become acquainted with your new proposition in the making.
Following this introduction we will present a proposal on how we can speed up the proposition development in such a way that it will fly.

This is how we helped the team at Robeco to finetune Robeco One, which is still successful in the marketplace after five years.

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