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Design Thinking

Wide Open process:
we’ll make you ‘future proof’ in 12 weeks

The ‘Wide Open’ objective: innovation to reinforce the brand and business, to make sure you are ‘future proof’. Together we will look for growth by placing the dot on 3 horizons at the same time.

The Three Horizons Growth Model was developed by Steve Coley of Mc Kinsey. The essence of this model is that every company should work on innovation on three levels at the same time in order to be successful and stay successful.
Horizon 1: incremental innovation
Horizon 2: breakthrough innovation
Horizon 3: disruptive innovation

The ‘Wide Open’ is a creative process on all three of the Horizons where we look for new ideas, service and product propositions, in co-creation with the consumer and our client. Design Thinking pur sang.
The process is tightly structured with clear steps. Some steps in the process are optional, dependent on the assignment. Our proposition development process is always divided up into two stages: MRI and Ideation.
In the first stage we collect information and insights and define opportunities. In the second stage we convert this into ideas.

You form a core team of 4 to 6 people. This team is connected to two of our Business Creatives.
For the duration of 8-12 weeks the whole team completes a tried and tested Innovation process. Your core team ( as well as other employees) will be involved in this process. Tasks will be divided between The USP Company and the team.
We go through all the steps: desk research, trend explorations, consumer insight sessions, ideation workshops, proposition feedback sessions from the target group. For this we work with various tools, such as the Value Proposition Canvas or the Business Model Canvas.
Our Business Creatives autonomously delve into your organisation, brand, customers and competitors. They bring lots of out-of-the-box creativity to the process and supplement the team’s output with autonomously conceived innovations. So you have the best of both worlds.

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