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We set up a Plus on

Qualitative research

Using qualitative research, we help marketeers identify needs and insights. We also research the potential of new strategies, products, services or brands. 

We conduct our qualitative research a little different than what you may be used to from traditional research agencies. We set up ‘a Plus’. The plus of this research is in the preparation, the method and the added creativity, before and after the research. We go beyond what a standard research agency does. Testing innovations is never standard. It is an exciting and vulnerable process. Especially when you are testing propositions on Horizon 2 & Horizon 3. Our plusses:

+ Our Business Creatives conduct the research.

Our Business Creatives make the stimuli and interview guide and always conduct the interviews themselves. Because we are so closely involved, we are very flexible during the interviews themselves. And we can conduct them very efficiently. When we spot an idea, we are able to explore it straightaway.

+ Client on the couch
We conduct our consumer research inhouse as well as on remote locations. Preferably, we conduct the research at our offices, with the client on the couch, in the same room as the respondents. It gives the client the opportunity to occasionally participate in the discussion and moreover, the lack of the blind wall involves unique dynamics. The total openness is well like by the respondents which results in a relaxed atmosphere at the table. The ideal breeding ground for fresh insights and inspiration.

+ Creative translation
We are all Business Creatives at The USP Company. It’s in our blood, so we can’t help it. Therefore new insights and feedback will be translated straightaway into a creative concept. Sometimes, the very same night. That is where our greatest strength lies: improving and developing irresistible new propositions and brand promises.
Are you busy working on an innovation that you want to test. Or a new brand positioning? Or a new brand? The USP Company helps organise qualitative research, inhouse, in the target group’s home (Inhomes) or at work. We offer different types of qualitative research, online and offline:

  1. Consumer Insight Sessions
    We will look for pointed insights, jobs-to-be-done, and pains and gains. We will continue until we are convinced that we are onto something unique. These insights can be used later on in Ideation for clever innovation or positioning.
  2. Consumer Feedback Sessions
    We are open to the respondents’ feedback. We create an atmosphere in which respondents are comfortable being really open and don’t just give socially desirable answers.
  3. Co Creation Sessions
    We ask the consumer to develop ideas in co-creation sessions. Or we ask them to improve draft propositions. We put them in the ‘think along mode’.

Recently we helped the Klaverblad Insurance team during a Wide Open to develop new propositions on the basis of insights from our Qualitative Research Plus.

The unique way in which The USP Company approaches the Wide Open with Qualitative Research aanpakt, is so much different and better than what I’m used to.

Marie Monique van der Salm – Head of marketing and sales Klaverblad Verzekeringen.

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