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The USP Company

is the creative innovation agency that helps you with Brand Strategy and Design Thinking. Develop new brands, products and services, together with us, that bring growth and fulfill your brand promise.

Propositions developed by us

This is what we do

We give your brand a purpose, a new beacon in a rapidly changing world. A clear brand positioning forms the basis, with at the heart of the brand document a vision, mission and brand promise that stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Human centred design creates value. We observe, understand and create. By involving your customers in every step of the innovation process we develop successful new brands, products and services that contribute to a better world.

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We are always curious and looking for people’s deeper motives. Innovation is impossible without qualitative research. We do this a little bit different than what you may be used to from traditional research agencies. We add ‘a plus’.

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New at The USP Company

Tauw. Engineering

True innovation comes from recognising an unmet need
and designing a creative way to fill it.

Steve Jobs