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Brand driven design thinking. 

We innovate from your brand

Listening, observing, curiosity and genuine interest in what moves people. It is the core of Design Thinking. We make the difference by being creative and tenacious when we approach your customers in search of new ways to grow.

Which insights do you use for innovation? What’s the job-to-be-done? We innovate starting with client needs and your brand strategy. We combine purpose with promise with products. During the process our business creatives and your core team will work together to develop new, relevant propositions or services. We do this autonomously as well as in a number of workshops with you. Particularly useful for this is the Value Proposition Canvas, which helps to creatively translate from consumer insights to relevant new propositions. We will put three dots on the Horizon. Get acquainted with the Three Horizons Growth Model.

That’s how The USP Company helps with Design Thinking

We use McKinsey’s
Three Horizons Growth Model

How do we help you?

We will make sure your new proposition
will fly with your target group

How do we help you?

Finding new growth from trends
and insights within 12 weeks

How do we help you?

Develop and test a proposition
together in 5 days

How do we help you?

Our business creatives enhance
your (agile) team or Innovations lab.

How do we help you?

A human centred approach to innovation that draws on the designers tool kit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirement for business success.

Tim Brown, IDEO

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